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One of our friends is an ambassador for TROPIC. Tropic Skincare is natural, award winning, cruelty-free skincare range. Their products are tailor-made using the latest green science and natural plants, fruits and flowers which work in harmony to feed, protect and nourish your skin.

If you are interested in any of the Tropic products or want to find out more then please go to:

We are currently using two of the Tropic Skincare range (TAMANU BALM and ELIXIR) on our daughter, she is 7 years old and has stretch marks above her knees where she has grown (in height) so fast. She was a very premature baby born at 26 weeks along with her twin sister. After suffering from chronic lung disease the decision was made to put her on a course of steroids in hope of maturing her lungs. We think this is the reason why she has the stretch marks. Our hope is to prevent further stretchmarks and lighten the ones she already has.

We will keep you updated via this page on the results!*






*First application 26/08/20, Tamanu Balm 20ml and Elixir 30ml.

** Photographs taken 26/08/20 before any product(s) are applied.

It's been 2 weeks since I started the Tamanu Balm and Elixir on my daughter. We have got ourselves into a nice little routine, but sometimes we can forget a day and as she's 7 I'm happy with that (sometimes I forget their names so who's judging ha!).

The Tamanu Balm looks like a big tub of lip balm (most likely why they call it Tamanu 'BALM' *talking to myself*), we use this twice a day. Once in  the morning (or whenever we remember) and then again when it's bed time. My daughter uses her 3 fingers (index, middle and ring fingers) and does 3 swirls into the balm, she then rubs the balm above her knees where the stretch marks are. She also has incorporated this (or so she tells me) into her boarding school routine.

The Elixir is bright orange, I was initially worried about the colour staining clothes, bedding, carpet, (spillages do happen) but I have found that the colour does not stain or leave an oily mark on clothes etc. We use the Elixir after the bath and shower, she puts it on after drying and  droplets are dropped in the area above her knees and then she rubs it in. No mess and no fuss as it doesn't leave her hands or legs oily or sticky and 2 drops goes a long way. This is the one we keep at home so if she forgets to fetch her Tamanu Balm home with her on a weekend then we just use the Elixir.

For me 2 weeks isn't a long time and I was expecting to see results in possibly 6-8 weeks, but I must say I am more than impressed. Both photos are placed side by side. The pictures do not have filters and have not been edited. Only difference was that the first 2 photos were taken in our dining room, light on, no flash and the second 2 photos were taken in my daughters bedroom, light on, no flash.

Please see for yourself. I will continue updating you all on these products. Very happy!