New & Exclusive SPECIAL Edition! AJ Activewear Pull Over Hoody. BE ONE IN A MILLION! One design (COMING SOON!). 
What makes this SPECIAL? 
This design will be a ONE TIME EXCLUSIVE! Small numbers of stock in this design and there will be no second chances. 
Will you own our first New & Exclusive SPECIAL EDITION?
Need to know basics, What is it? A lightweight women's pull over hoody. Perfect for cooling down after the gym/run/bikeride even helps after a hot flush. A must have in your sportsbag or makes a great lightweight hoody pefect for summer days. Loose fit, quick dry. Available in 2 sizes. Magnific and Luxe. New & Exclusive SPECIAL Edition!
(Size Guide: Magnific uk 6-12 (this sizes can also fit children as my 8 year old wears one albeit a little long on the sleeves but she rocks the look) and Luxe uk 12-16) If you are between sizes then the Luxe is a looser fit, while the Magnific is slightly shorter