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Wife Points!

Wife points!

So I ordered my husband a lovely military chest ( ) so he can have some extra space for his army kit and clothes (1 full wardrobe, half a wardrobe and drawers were not enough... supposedly) so when it arrived I was excited. From delivery to getting it into the bedroom has been quite comical, so had to share it with you!

The delivery service arrived and knocked to ask to use the back door to get the chest in, all fine and dandy so I put on my slippers and opened the back gate ready. The delivery guy needed an extra pair of hands so upon asking how heavy it was he replied ‘we shall soon see’ so there I am helping get the well wrapped (or should I say extremely well boxed chest) out of the delivery van in my slippers haha. I must say that the poor delivery man took the majority of the weight as i could only use my left arm (due to old injury) to help.

Well I should have thought this through as walking backwards in open heeled slippers wasn’t the best idea. On the third attempt I got my trainers and we safely got the chest inside (yay!). Thank goodness for the handles, which were thoughtfully put into the box. Without them i would've given up.

Attention to detail was amazing even though the box was just for delivery with ‘under the bark’ stamped clearly on the side. (Saved me the task of wrapping to disguised what it looked like!)

Now upon my husbands return from work it took him a hilarious hour for him to get the chest out of the box, perfectly protected adding extra humour while my husband grunted and groaned (he decided to use a manual screwdriver a size smaller than needed, I did throw the idea to him that it would be easier if he used the electric screwdriver, but I think his manly instincts stood fast and he was adamant that the tools he was already using would do the job).

Once fully unwrapped we were both chuffed with the chest, I already had high expectations of the finished product as I’ve seen examples on fb and the website, but it’s truely amazing and we love it! It actually rendered my husband speechless which is something that happens very rarely!

‘Wife points’ well and truely scored!

The chest took 3 days for my husband to get upstairs, I think he needed the build up from unwrapping or should I say unboxing the chest... 😂

A bit of forward thinking and planning goes far but hay ho we aren't perfect... Plus the day just wouldn't have been so funny. Little laughs in the day makes life a little easier!

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