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Tonbridge Artisan Craft, Vintage & Gift Fair (Event Blog)

After an early morning start (ugh I hate early starts especially as I’m struggling with insomnia due to pain medication) and a nice journey to the new local (local to my father in law

as he has the girls) Sunday fair (Tonbridge Artisan Craft, Vintage & Gift Fair), this is the first time we have done this event so I have the chief stock carrier, driver and overall morale setter with me as wasn’t quite sure what to expect and as my health is not the greatest at the moment it's always handy to have someone there to help. (Remember no one knows what happens behind closed doors, my previous blog may be worth a read if you haven't had a look already). The Sunday weather is not the best with a lovely bit of rain and wind, thank goodness this is an indoor fair.... Phew!

We got all set up ready for the event to start, a lovely space within a sports centre, so plenty of business cards given to the gym and to exercise classes. They must've thought I was a mad woman...

Through the event I managed to take time and talk to other small businesses, gain some knowledge and experience about this event and the events they have done. The general consensus was that this certain fair was awfully quiet. For us, although the event was in a perfect environment our target audience just wasn’t there or more to say they were there but to get active rather than shop, which is understandable. A quiet day but managed to gain confidence and more experience through talking with other stalls.

It’s not what you are selling but how you display it. Roll on the next small fair before the big weekend events start. My best seller again was the AJ Activewear PomPom Hats.

‘Let’s reach for the STARS!’

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