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Toilet Roll?

So we are currently experiencing the pandemic of corona virus (COVID 19) we have seen the world as a result come into chaos and fear. Some blaming the media others blaming the government for not advising what people 'want' to hear. Myself I’m not stressed or panicking. I’m not bulk buying and I have not changed much of the way I live.

Currently one of my children is off school for 7 days due to the new legislation, she has a cough but no other symptoms. Again I’m not concerned about this, naive maybe but from the information my children are not at risk. One thing is for sure, in order to keep my family safe I will continue to follow the governments advice. This is me keeping the elderly and the high risk people safe. We all have to remember that carriers of this virus may not show any symptoms but can pass it onto strangers, work colleagues, friends and family.

Some countries are on complete lockdown where you have to have a special pass to be out and about or they face fines or even jail time.

Personally I think people should be using common sense. You shouldn't be out and about, whether it be for leisure or work or it defeats the object completely. You are risking your own life and other peoples lives by not stopping inside. As a country we need to start understanding protocol and the guidelines that the government has set. I understand that this situation isn't great but if everyone worked together then we would get through the pandemic a hell of a lot quicker then we would if we ignore what the government is telling us. A lot of people aren't understanding that if you closed all schools then everyone would be shortly impacted, teachers, students, nhs etc.

For me my main concern is regarding routine surgeries, will they go ahead as planned? This worries me as i'm currently awaiting surgery and at the moment i'm holding on...Just...

I'm trying to think ahead and work through how this can impact us here at AJ Activewear (samples delayed, new launching of products delays, events may be cancelled, sales dropped, close business?)

In light of all this why not isolate yourselves in comfort, wear your activewear and lets all come together to support all of the small businesses.

A question I want to ask all of you...

Why are people bulk buying toilet roll??

And now sods law new rules are now if you are displaying symptoms then the whole household has to quarantine for 2 weeks. Happy quarantining everyone!

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