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The Cherry Tree Brightlingsea Table Top Sale (Event Blog)

This event was booked to help raise money for St Helena’s hospice, which helps local people who are facing incurable illness and bereavement.

This is not the first time we have supported this charity as my girls (along with me and my husband) dressed up as superheros for a fun run all in support of this cause (picture of the kids all dressed up is on the website, just click on ABOUT).

Before and throughout the event I had my lovely girls (It was a Saturday and my husband is currently away!). Anxious to say the least, as children can be unpredictable HA! (Nervous laugh)...

I believe I live a 'normal/hectic' life as a mother and businesswoman, so organised chaos is a daily thing for us and I try my best to balance. My motherly duties always take priority as my three girls are my world and have gotten me through the darkest of times, even though they don't realise it.

I can multitask, most of the time, so along with being a mother i'm also doing my best to promote AJ Activewear where and when I can. This doesn't always work as planned, spanners get thrown into the works and we have to adapt to the chaos quickly, but hay at least i'm always on my toes and being active!

For Xmas my girls got panto tickets to see Robin Hood from my best friend, who is also the landlady, along with her husband, don’t forget him! He’s the Landlord, not a dame (obviously i'm still in panto mode...) just to clarify HA!, of this lovely pub where the event took place.

So off we went to the panto in the morning. ‘Oh no we didn’t!’ ‘Oh yes we did!’ Haha.

A bonus for me as I used to live not far away from Sherwood Forest so bringing a

bit of the North back to my girls... I did wonder if the panto cast had proper northern accents!? Hmmm... I was a little optimistic there.

Kids enjoyed it although some of the singing was like me, drunk, banging out Sister Act tunes... Take with that what you may...

For the event, it was a local table top sale, inside The Cherry Tree Brightlingsea.

I took a selection of activewear including AJ Activewear vests, shorts and knitted pompom hats. The event went well, thank goodness, while I battled on through, full of cold and juggling my girls.

So proud of the minions as they all wanted to help (even though it was for a minute at a time) so we got their AJ Activewear knitted pompom hats out of the car and they wore them with pride. Free advertising! Win! Win! For me (Yellow, Black, Red and Cream)! Only thing was they took them off as soon as I wanted a picture. Kids eh!? BUT... I did manage to get a photo as we got ready for the school run. YAY! Although they wasn't in a smiling mood... Fair one though, i'm not a morning person either.

Oh yes and me, since the knitted pompom hats arrived in January, I wear mine at every opportunity. Especially as it's winter and bloody freezing... School run. Check, bad hair day. Check, feeling rough and rotten. Check, selling at events. Double Check! I feel by doing this I’m not only promoting my brand but also it gives any potential customers a better idea of what great quality my stock is.

A lovely array of people coming to see all that everyone had to offer. Time flew and such a pleasant experience! I look forward to the next one as what better excuse for ‘working’ whilst being inside a pub, meeting lots of new people and enjoying myself. Could’ve easily walked away with lots of other bits from other sellers (thanks to the girls) but I stayed strong HaHa! In all we had a brilliant day and didn't actually leave the pub until later in the night. The Cherry Tree Brightlingsea is one place where I feel comfortable taking my children, that's not just because the landlady is my bestie but also because the locals always interact with my children and me. Making the experience enjoyable for us all.

There are some wonderful charities out there doing great things for their causes so no matter how small the event I have made sure that when we can we will support these smaller events. You never know what's round the corner and you or someone you know may need them one day. It's never too late to give something back.

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