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The Boss Lady has BOOBS on her head! (SHOUT OUT!)

I mean wow! While we were searching Instagram we came across one of our followers that had material with BOOBS! Seriously we did not hesitate and got in touch with the lovely @south_coast_sew to see if they could make a head wrap/bandana for our lovely Boss Lady.

It arrived and OMG it is amazing! A nice little surprise was that it came with a scrunchie to match. WOW!

It's important for us to promote other small businesses as especially with Covid-19 everyone has felt the pressure and chaos it has brought with it. Every purchase has a person behind the screen doing their happy dance... We know! We do it too!

We all have a body, no matter what sex, shape or form. We all have insecurities and we all have that 'favorite part'! We are human.

Again, let's come together and celebrate the beauty of a woman's body and this very much includes rejoicing about boobs! All shapes, colours and sizes, lets set the best example and embrace our bodies. Show our children, family, elderly and youngsters that we are proud of what we have and are all unique! With the right confidence and education everyone can come together and appreciate all body types and all body parts (including a mans body, which we will talk about more in another blog).

The design on the material is perfect, it's subtle yet empowering! It is handmade into a scrunchie and bandana especially for The Boss Lady as when we first saw the material it was part of a headband. With a quick message and quick reply we made our custom order, nothing was too much and it is handmade beautifully!

We will keep an eye out for other boob designed material but if you are looking for something different then please check out @south_coast_sew some beautiful and unique pieces, perfect to treat yourself or to wrap as a gift!

The Boss Lady LOVES IT! It is quirky and fun, it suits the boss lady to a tee. Such a well made item with the beautiful 'boob' design, who wouldn't want boobs on their head!? Now we have the excuse to call her 'tit head!' Only joking as she will kill us! Thank you so much to @south_coast_sew!!!

All the boob conversation, highlights and boobie love has spurred The Boss Lady's inspiration for a new Limited Edition pull over hoody. Now we wont give the whole design away but what we can say is that it has boobs!! Check this lovely business out (below)! AND... Keep your eyes peeled for when our new hoody launches! It is currently in production!

PLEASE READ: HENRY'S home of AJ Activewear are not paid for any blog entries, we do this as an act of kindness to promote fellow small businesses.

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