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Sometimes you need a little help!

We can all get lost in the mindset of 'I can do this all by myself', 'I'm independent', 'I don't need help'. Which 9 times out of 10 is true, but for the 1 out of 10 sometimes we need to swallow our self pride and ask for help.

It's coming towards the end of May and we are close to finishing our 'Skipping our way through MAY' Challenge. This challenge, as i'm sure I've explained before, is to keep my mind occupied as May is a bad month for me.

I have done well plodding on with the challenge but on a few days I've experienced uncontrollable pain due to endometriosis. I am on strong pain medication and anti inflammatories, teamed up with numerous pain patches but on some occasions i can not bare the pain. Now with that I took a nasty fall as went light headed fetching the dustbin in and did myself a little damage to my face, hand and knees.

Instead of quitting the challenge I asked my husband to complete the days worth of skips for me. I uploaded this onto my Instagram (@ajactivewearuk) and was amazed to receive a message from another family member offering to do skips if i was still in pain the following day.

I accepted and so with a little help from my family i was able to continue with the challenge.

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