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Size... Does it really matter?

*sigh* yes I’ve gone and done it again...

Opened up my package... I was eagerly awaiting for it to come...

My lovely paper Union Flag packaging bags... Purchased to fit in all my stock ready to send to customers... Trying to keep in mind the environment and recycling...

Before I purchased I did realise they didn’t have the initial size I wanted (about a4 size) but they did have a size smaller which I thought I’d be able to still package my products up in. How wrong was I!?

All I can do is laugh, as even my A5 notebook is bigger than the bloody things. Basically all I can fit in them is sweets... Good job I ordered 300 of them...

This isn’t the first time I’ve had ‘Sizing problems’. Just before Xmas I decided to decorate my girls rooms and turn them into a space where they can have their own space, do homework and more like a get away room. Now I purchased 3 lovely bedside tables so they could have a lamp and basically just be more independent. Now I must say that I skimmed over the dimensions and basically took the sizing from the picture...

They arrived on time and as they were flat packed I didn’t realise my mistake until I have fully made one... They were basically miniature, even more miniature then a child’s bedside table would be... The girls Ipad is nearly the same size but i must admit the girls do love them.

I admit I have ‘sizing problems’. I’m rubbish at getting sizes right or converting metric into imperial but in a way at least I see the funny side of it.

The miniature children’s bedside tables are still in my girls rooms and I still have tiny Union Flag sweet bags...

I think on my next event I may actually fill the bags with sweets and donate what we make from them to charity. As I've said in a previous blog, it's never too late to give something back.

Well at least my business, thank you and Limited Edition cards have arrived. I must give myself and the company ( a pat on the back as they are perfect 👌🏻

Size does matter! Especially when you need to use t hem, thank goodness my stock hasn’t been made to fit Barbie dolls... YET haha!

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