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Secret Stash

So we are still in lockdown and all I say is its very surreal. We received a letter which stated that one of my girls is at risk of severe illness if she catches Coronavirus. Well this sure made me worry and very anxious about the situation. Hit me really hard going from thinking there's nothing to worry about to one of my daughters is high risk.

No school for my girls until June now as that's when she can go to school... Hopefully!

I'm not one of them mum's who will teach their child at home (hats off to them), to be honest keeping the children busy and out of trouble is more than enough. They read to us at bedtime and practice their spellings on their tablet.... and then that is enough (for me).

We were tidying the girls room as one of them lost their bear. So here we are turning the house upside down, checking the washing machine, outside, tumble dryer... Still could not find it. Now what we did find is a secret stash in one of their bedside table... Kids eh?! I wear they gang up on me... It did make me laugh though and we decided not to tell her that we

know she has a secret stash ...

My daughters all have their own personality's but the strange thing is if you put their personalities together you get ME! I've got my oldest (by a minute) she wants to learn very sensitive at times, is very keen on doing exercise (a small circuit is in our garden). She enjoys it a lot more than the other two. So i've treated them all to some sports clothes. My second daughter is pretty much happy go lucky. Loves wearing dresses, hates tidying but she is smart. Whenever the girls play in their bedrooms nine times out of ten she makes sure they don't play in her room as she would have to tidy it up. Then there's the little (not so little) she can be fierce, has brilliant patience, can stick up for her big sisters, the rebel... but at the same time shes loving, learns well from her sisters... Jumble it up and you have me.. I can be sensitive, I enjoy exercise, i love wearing dresses (if i'm going somewhere nice), most of the time i'm happy go lucky, i'm patient but fierce when need to be. I am very much a rebel.

The second day we were looking for bear and we were out of ideas where it would I said 'Doe anyone know where bear is?' the little one said 'I do follow me' Went into her bedroom and hay presto. It was behind the little ones door! The little one had hidden it in her room!

In all, please mum's and dad's check each bedroom and find that SECRET STASH before it's too late!

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