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Another week has gone by and we are still in lockdown. To be honest I don't socialise with many people so this isolation is normal to me....Sort of... This week has hit me hard. Mentally drained and I was in a bit of a dark place. I wanted to make myself fell better but didn't know what to do (besides the kids art and craft play, seeing all the paint drip onto the cream carpet ha!). I eventually decided that i was going to relax in the bath and then to go with the flow.

I collected my makeup from upstairs and started to put it on. did my hair nice, got dressed and you know what my mood changed. I felt beautiful and that I could handle everything again. Now I do my makeup most mornings... Not for my husband, not for my kids, friends or family but for ME

I've stopped listening and reading the news as most of it is doom and gloom, but I know that there are KEYWORKERS without proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). These can be a range of items... Gloves, aprons, eyewear...

It got me thinking as to how we (AJ Activewear) could help the keyworkers. Up to now we have donated (to Colchester Community First Responders) two full boxes of assorted masks but yet I feel that we can do a little more....



We have created a t-shirt. It is black in colour and has a full coloured Union Jack inside. Sizes range from Small to Large and can be a full length t-shirt or cropped t-shirt. From every purchase we are donating £2 to go towards the PPE which some key workers still don't have. We proudly support ALL key workers and we are very thankful for them sacrificing themselves in order to keep the country running.

Through this pandemic we may get anxious, depressed, lonely or the need to be cheered up...Makeup has been the breakthrough for me, find your beautiful place. It is there! Somewhere...

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