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Say hello to: crafty_horizons (REVERSE GIVEAWAY)

Well what can we say... As part of our REVERSE GIVEAWAY we gave small businesses a chance for us to purchase a product from them and to then blog about it and share it within our Instagram. Hello @crafty_horizons

The Boss Lady is a get up and go type of girl. Always doing something and always on the go. She loves a warm brew no matter what so we decided to get her a thermal travel mug, with her name on so the sprogs and hubby can't pinch it and claim it as their own (yes many of times this has been done haha!). First amazing thing we noticed (apart from the mug, of cause) was that the bubble wrap was pink! Yes you know us too well... It's the little things that make us smile! A quality piece made by @crafty_horizons for the amazing Boss Lady.

Now the main thing we would like to thank @crafty_horizons for is not only the thermal mug but for her compassion and kindness she has shown our Boss Lady and company.

As you may or may not know, our family company was started in memory of our little boy (Henry Arthur John), born at 1235hrs on the 14th May 2016. He was born very premature at 27 weeks (normal for us as all our sprogs were born before 30 weeks (40 weeks is full term for those who do not know)) and he weighed 2lb 4oz. He fought to be with us for 2 days but sadly had to be with the moon and stars. Through the loss... grief... depression... among other things, the one thing that we needed to do was to keep his memory alive and not to forget. He is our only son, he is very much a huge piece of our family and is the highlight of our business as both AJ Activewear and HENRY'S is in memory of the one family member that we wish could be with us today. Each day we 'reach for the stars!' and strive for success. Not only for us but to also make our little man proud!

Now with this in mind, lets go back to our 'Reverse Giveaway' order from @crafty_horizons. We ordered the thermal mug for The Boss Lady... Pink bubble wrap etc...

Well also inside was the most kind and compassionate gift... A framed piece. Not only in memory of a child loss but with added detail of Henry's name and date of birth.

We know how hard it is to keep The Boss Lady quiet but my goodness.... Speechless.

Such consideration to 'a stranger' from 'a stranger'.

Overwhelmed and overjoyed by this act of true kindness (The Boss Lady's words).

We can't thank you enough @crafty_horizons! You are one in a million with a true heart of gold.

If you are looking for an amazing gift, from a small but amazing company, then please go to!

*We have also purchased other items as this blog was written, but as they are birthday presents we can't show them as yet. We will update this blog once they have been received by the birthday boys/girls.*

PLEASE READ: HENRY'S home of AJ Activewear are not paid for any blog entries, we do this as an act of kindness to promote fellow small businesses.

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