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If you're a follower then you will already know how much this charity means to us but if you're new here then let me explain.

We lost our son Henry AJ at 2 days old, he was born very premature at 27 weeks, he weighed 2lb 4oz, our inspiration for AJ Activewear. After we lost AJ myself and my husband needed grief counselling. A big thing for us is that we do things together and deal with things as a family together so we wanted to be counselled together. The local hospital that we was with when we had AJ would only counsel myself and not my husband and upon explaining to them what we wanted they passed us details of SANDS (Stillborn And Neonatal Death Society).

Upon contacting them via email they set up 10 joint grief counselling sessions, free of charge. We attended every session and we can not thank them enough.

So we have decided to fundraise to support their work, so they can go on to support other families. We have created our 'Lets reach for the STARS!' wristbands. These wristbands are adult size, woven and elasticated. You can find them within our store.

*Sadly we are not able to highlight percentages of sales but we do have a target page on our website, under 'SUPPORTING' so you can see our target and where we are. This is regularly updated and once we reach our target our supporting donation will be sent.

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