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Robin Red Breast

So as you’ve all probably noticed I have quite a few tattoos. For a few years I only had one on my bum then my army years I got a few more, but the most continuous tattoo spree has been from 2016 and still going strong.

I have found an amazing tattooist who I can discuss everything with (honestly cheaper than a therapist!). She listened when no one else would and was able to help with my memorial piece, my robin...

Now this tattoo nearly never happened, I had the idea in my head for ages but I’m no artist. Yes I can design but not draw. So sometimes when I put pen/pencil to paper it doesn’t look anything like the finished piece but with the help of an amazing artist my ideas and designs come alive. When I had shown the first tattoo studio what sort of thing I was after, I was greeted with ‘why would you want that? You’d have to explain to everyone that your son had died and who would want to do that all the time? No that’s a rubbish idea you need to re think it’ bare in mind these comments were by a receptionist at a tattoo studio. Safe to say I left there in tears and regretted having the idea. Losing a child is the worst pain you could go through, I wanted this tattoo to remember my son, something real of him, so I could say his name with pride. After being humiliated I never wanted to go into another tattoo studio.

I went online that night after calming myself down a little bit. I emailed another studio and explained why I was emailing rather than visiting the studio in person, I explained my idea and why I wanted it. Because it was later in the evening I never expected a reply I didn’t really have high expectations for a reply as I was still very much licking my wounds after my last attempt of getting my idea onto paper (or should I say skin). Well within minutes I was met with a phone call from Sonya (Reds Tattoo Parlour Ltd) inviting me in to discuss my ideas in the studio and so I booked in for a consultation with her. Yes I was nervous still when I got there, but I was met by a woman who was fully sympathetic and empathetic. She listened to my ideas and she gave me guidance on what would work and what wouldn’t.

So with my idea and her expertise and obviously she's an awesome artist, my memorial piece was complete! I booked in to have it done and I love every bit of it!! I did shed a tear when I first saw it complete on me, not because I was sad but because I was so pleased and impressed that now I carry a little piece of my son where ever I go, I can say his name, remember his little feet and how much he weighed. When grieving all sense of time seems to stand still. You move slowly, in a haze. Suffering the torment again and again. Time began to move again, not in the same way as before but in a way that I was able to move forward...

Thanks to Sonya at Reds my robin keeps my sons memory alive and getting time moving again!

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