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My Corona!

Well this has all spiraled out of control very fast. If you watch the news or listen to the radio it sound like we are in an actual horror film, awaiting the purge sirens to go off!

So last week I wasn’t concerned about this invisible killer that has decided to reap chaos all around the world and now I’m still not too concerned. If people stop being stupid and follow the government guidelines then we will get through this as safely as possible.

Remember that we can still exercise daily so still train for that marathon and hit your fitness targets... Make your home your gym for the time being. Some of us have the perfect excuse

to train. Or even if you don’t want to do exercise and just want to lounge about get them jammies or loungewear on and enjoy it. Times like these are ultra rare. We are asked to stay at home and let’s be honest how many times have we moaned about wanting to be at home? Get active during the morning hoover around the kids, get the kids to join in, make it fun, laugh, dance and treasure the moment...

There is a lot of doom and gloom on the tv, seeing continuous death statistics and sad stories, well take yourself away from the fear and place your energy into something else, maybe a job/task you was meaning to do but never really had the chance/time. Look hay presto! Time is now on your side... decorate your bedroom, put up them shelves or binge watch that series you've been meaning to. Do something positive, don't stick with the doom and gloom, do the thing that makes you happy!

I am really thankful of all the key workers, who are daily risking their own health to help keep Great Britain running. Our 2 week isolation ends tomorrow not that it means much as we are still advised to stay home and stay safe. My little rascals have taken the isolation so well so now i'm nervously waiting to see what happens next as its very much the calm before the storm... Haha! (Nervous laugh...)

On a more positive note my new work hoody has arrived! so i'm sat here at my dining room table, wearing my new work hoody with my jammies underneath. Hay what can i say... I'm making the most of a bad situation! Lets just roll with what the government tells us and once this is all over i bet they''ll be a few celebrations... Can't wait!

Hang in there everyone!!

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