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Movie STAR!

So I feel very much like a movie star! Movie Star pose!!!! I didn't have time for makeup guys...

Sadly this movie is a horror... I thought people would learn especially from last week as i'm sure the amount of food waste would have been shocking! I have a food intolerance. I can't eat wheat therefore I have to buy either wheat free or gluten free items, it makes me ill, not tummy problems ill I mean like hospital on a drip ill.

Well a routine shop to a big brand supermarket reduced me to tears, listen I have never cried while shopping. I'm not a person to cry while in public, I'm not even a person who likes the public...

I went out and opted to do the shop as needed to get some fresh air that wasn't gulped in, like the 'exercise' fresh air, I actually wanted to have a bimble around and be somewhere else (I know strange for me).

Anyway I can only describe my experience as I literally was a star in the NEW Purge! Please google The Purge if you haven't seen it!

And boom as i'm walking around with my newly polished trolley, dodging everyone trying to stick to the rules (1.5m apart or more), man wearing full plastic boiler suit and mask... You get the jist...

Now firstly i'm disgusted in the supermarket and how they have gotten rid of the 6 pint milk therefore they gain more money when you buy the smaller bottles as they are more expensive in the long run... Why if the whole country has gone into lockdown would you want to endanger others by making them come out to shop for essentials more often?? Plus getting more money in the process... Don't get me wrong, I rarely shop at this supermarket but it is the only supermarket that stocks a great range of gluten free items.

And then we come on to my second point... As i became a level 2 dodger (I got to this level as i quickly learnt how to scan the aisles for items i needed, while still being at least 1.5m away from anyone) I came to see (aisle 9) that the regular pasta was literally shelves of emptiness apart from 'quick cook pasta'. Thinking nothing of it I continued to do my 'essential shop'... so I came to the FREE FROM aisle (aisle 22) the wonderful place where I don't have to check the ingredients... Empty shelves greeted me... It hit me hard as I couldn't understand... Either we had a great increase on people with food intolerances or people still are panic buying... Yes i did have 'a moment'... Tears did run... And then i thought Fuck It!... Marched to the frozen aisles (can't recall the aisle numbers as I was a woman on a mission) and purchased a large tub of icecream! Yes i did eat the whole tub!

My point to this blog... Yes it can be scary being on lockdown (Not for me as i'm a professional SELF ISOLATOR) and it can be very strange not going out and seeing friends, family or another human (Again not for me as I genuinely don't like people) but please... think... If you do not have an intolerance or on a gluten/wheat/or anything else... diet, then please don't buy the products because then you are taking them away from the people that can only eat them (and you're going to make me fat as every time I can't buy my Free From pasta, bread etc I will head to the icecream)

On a happier note... This week I am busy developing NEW PRODUCTS!!! EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeek!

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