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We were searching for something that we didn't even know we wanted or needed...

Now we already had our pregnant lady body candle (amongst a few other naked bodies), but to us it was missing something.

We will be honest with you... Sometimes, for a split second, when we hear that someone close is pregnant we get a lump in our throat. Now please don’t think that this is jealousy or envy but it’s like we’re taken back to 2016... Where you don’t want to live or re live the torture of losing a child... BUT for that split second (that seems like a lifetime), the lump in your throat, the flashback, the torture, the never ending grief, pain, numbness comes back. Then (before you are lost), just like that you’re back into the real world and you honestly couldn’t be happier for your friend/colleague/family member.

We could spend hours looking at our pregnant lady candle... Should we light it, should we not? Should we save it for AJ's birthday? Debating in our heads time and time again whether to put ourselves out of our misery and just bin the bloody thing. But no.

Instead we found this lovely resin blue moon, it was made for earrings but with a message to @melbiedesigns they sorted us one without the earring back.

On its own it is beautiful but what we did, made everything click back into place, helping us move forward (in the right direction, without reliving the flashbacks and pain).

We gently melted a spot on the pregnant belly (candle) and pressed the moon onto it. Now secured firmly in place it is not a reminder of the pain and grief but a memory, you will always be our moon and stars, our little boy. Henry AJ.

Massive thank you @melbiedesigns for helping us take that step forward and by creating something we truely needed!

PLEASE READ: HENRY'S home of AJ Activewear are not paid for any blog entries, we do this as an act of kindness to promote fellow small businesses.

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