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Let me give you a little background knowledge...

I attend fairs, local events and table top sales. I take a range of my stock ready

to sell. I have a card reader and I also take cash (and a decent float) as payment. Now I keep this little pot on my dressing table and dip into it for shop runs or takeaways etc...

We decided to order Chinese and my husband asked to dip in my pot to pay for it (our local Chinese doesn't take card), so off we pop upstairs. To my little float pot. Now i know roughly how much their is in there, not because i count it everyday... No sorry i'm not that sad but as the money doesn't amount to much, I don't normally care about it or touch it unless it's for takeaways or if i'm due out on a stall or fair. So as I open the money pot I notice that things don't seem right. I have that sudden gut feeling that i'm missing some notes.

Turning around to the girl,s as obviously they've decided to follow us upstairs. I asked if any one of them have seen any of mummy's money (kind of knew i was clasping at straws or whatever the saying is...) Then came the reply from my youngest...

'I know, I know... come with me'

Still skeptical off we go to her bedroom and she actually gives me half of the money. I asked her where the other money was and she pointed to her money box, the little bugger had put it in there as you could see the notes through the top.

Honestly I am mental though... I had got it into my head that these tin money pots were easy to break into, without the need of can opening the whole thing...

I spent at least an hour, armed with tweezers and blunt knife....Shake... Shake... Shake... i grab a note but it is folded up and then i lost it... Shake...Shake...Shake... More crap... A piece of cardboard...Shake... Shake...Shake...

I didn't get the £40 out of the money pot. Damn it!!

Actually hurt trying to find things funny after deeply failing to steal back money from a happy unicorn tin money box.

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