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May Challenge

We are all still very much in lockdown... For how long? Still no one is certain. At least we are all healthy as some have not been so lucky.

Now as I hate the month of May with a passion (not including the 2nd as that's my daughters Birthday) I've decided to keep extra busy and to challenge myself so I've got something to focus on. Need to get through this month as quickly as possible! Some of you don't know me personally but if you read the 'About' on the website then you can see why...

Right so to start with, DISCOUNT CODE: 2020MAYMADNESS this code will give you 40% off of ALL SHORTS in our range. This Discount Code will be active throughout May.

We are clearing space for new products and why not!? As this should keep us extra busy during May. This will be your only chance to purchase these (phase one) shorts as we have a new design ready for production.

Our new arrivals are Protein Steel Shakers, Custom T-Shirts, Custom Crop T-Shirts and also our Union Jack Flag T-Shirts/Crop. Coming very soon and available to PRE ORDER are Union Jack Flag Reusable Face Masks. These also have a rear slot in case you require a filter.

AND... Time to keep my head focused on something and WHO IS WITH ME?? Something to do throughout the day. With my 3 minions I can complete the challenge, doing short sessions throughout the day. So lets welcome:

SKIPPING OUR WAY THROUGH MAY! 31 days (you can also join whenever you want) START at 500 skips then increase by 100 each day, you can complete it either in one session or throughout the day. Today for me was 800 skips and these have all been successfully completed.

Let's get ACTIVE! Not just physically but mentally!

It's OK to not be OK 100% of the time, we are all human, we need to give ourselves a break as we can be our own worst critic. Now a toast to day drinking!

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