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* Light Bulbs *

Let's go back to last night... 3 bulbs decided to blow, which was a great pain in the ass. Now I don't want you to think that i only have 3 lights within my house, (making it a great pain in the ass) it was because they decided to blow in the upstairs bathroom.

As you all know i have kids. My kids (no matter what time of day) will not pee unless they turn the bathroom lights on. They are not afraid of the dark, the little minions just like adding a bit of adventure into their nighttime routine... Turning the bathroom into a DISCO!

So as the bulbs blew, the horror and disbelief on their 3 little faces was initially rater funny, until the tears began to pour. I quickly got another light bulb out of my room, which would put them on through the night and told them that I would get more light bulbs while they were at school the next day. (It's a good job that i don't like a disco in my bedroom, now that could have been a whole different story!)

The next day came (Remember light bulbs, remember light bulbs!). Morning school run... The big two wanted to ride their scooters to school (normally i make them walk as less arguments) and the youngest her bike, WELL... got half way to school the little one decided that she didn’t want her bike anymore and that she wanted her scooter ‘as it was faster!’

Off we go taking her bike back and getting her scooter (thank Jebus we only live 5 mins from school). I must point out that the only reason she’s faster on her scooter is because she stands on it and I push her along. KIDS EH!? Anything for a school run drop off to go smoothly.

Got home and made sure I was 'smart' to put the old bulb in my pocket. I felt fully prepared to get new light bulbs... Now I went into B&Q not knowing what chaos was ahead of me.

Well... After spending 30 minutes in the light bulb aisle, with old light bulb in hand, I was non the wiser! The range of light bulbs blew my mind!! LED, candle lit, reflector, Globe, stick... That’s not to mention ‘cap fitting’! E27, B22, GU10, B15, E14, G4, G9, GU4,

GU5.3, GX53, R7s, S14s, S15s, T8! My light bulb did

not have these numbers on them!

Help arrived when a lovely shop assistant offered his services. He told me that it wasn’t his department but after passing me twice he though I needed assistance and YES he was right!

So I gave him the old light bulb and stated that I needed 'one like this'. His reply threw me off guard and looking back I must have looked like a right numpty! He asked 'What fixture is it for..?' (as i said i was thrown off guard and not prepared to answer) I 'ummed...' A LOT. He continued '... Wall? Ceiling? lamp?'. Now the penny dropped and I answered... finally.

He picked out a bulb similar to the one I had in my hand and explained that anything with E14 would fit. He also went on to say that although I had an energy saver light bulb (the old one) the LED bulbs use less power and are kinder to the environment. Win, win!

I went off to the till and paid £20 on light bulbs *sigh* the joys of being an adult!

BUT... You also learn something new everyday!

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