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Hot Flames Candle Co. (REVERSE GIVEAWAY)

Well what can we say... As part of our REVERSE GIVEAWAY we gave small businesses a chance for us to purchase a product from them and to then blog about it and share it within our Instagram.

We have had an eye on these style of candles for sometime now. A woman's body is not only unique but is beautiful... What an elegant way to display a woman's body, within a candle. You just look, see it and are amazed time and time again. The body of a woman creates life and changes to adapt to a number of things, which alone is awe inspiring. Raising 3 young ladies within our business to be body confident and in tune with their emotions is a task amongst itself but raising them to see and appreciate different body types within their daily life makes them confident and proud of their own bodies. We have learnt along the line that it is best to be asked them awkward questions, as them awkward questions are the most normal questions in the world. We are raising our girls to talk about any insecurities they may have and that no sensible question will be unanswered. There is no shame when they want to ask questions about boobs or why they have, this, that and the other. We are happy to answer their questions while pushing a trolly in the supermarket, by doing this it reemphasizes our point that bodies, whatever shape, sex or size, are normal. (this is a start, a mans body will join the party in time!)

Well let's say hello to @hotflamescandleco they especially caught our eye due to their 'Karen Approved Candles' we related to their humor instantly, so knew they were the right company to purchase from.

We ordered a little selection through their etsy: we picked the colours. 1 body and 1 pillar in purple/gold and 1 body in blue/silver. We asked them kindly to surprise us with the scents as why not!? In life it's sometimes nice not to think and after a days work, for someone else to do the thinking, saves our brain for another time (e.g. what's for dinner...) so this is what we did. We handed the scent reins over to them.

Best decision EVER! The candles arrived and they have such an amazing smell to them. We were treated with Purple/gold being sticky toffee pudding and blue/silver being cherry bakewell tart. Separately they smell wonderful but together they smell like a bakery. An absolutely amazing aroma which spreads throughout the room.

Our intention was to burn them, so it would help us relax of an evening but we've decided that these were too nice (smell and look) to actually burn so are now displayed as a feature in our house! Giving a lovely smell day after day! This may be our first purchase with @hotflamescandleco but is most certainly not the last! A massive thank you from us. Go check them out!

PLEASE READ: HENRY'S home of AJ Activewear are not paid for any blog entries, we do this as an act of kindness to promote fellow small businesses.

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