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I have been tortured with ENDOMETRIOSIS for a while now. The pain is horrible and I'm just about holding on. Weight dropped off me at the start of the year and I had lost 2 and a half stone, without trying. Normally I'd be like YAY, but I looked ill. Strong painkillers help but the pain is always there. So I'm holding on best I can. To be honest 6+ weeks ago I was supposed to see my surgeon. This was cancelled the day before. It broke me! Being in chronic pain really gets you down. I'm taking everything one step at a time and hoping I will be seen soon...

Living with endometriosis is a pain in the ass and I thought i'd been punished enough over the years... Maybe not then!

The pain is sharp and it feels like you are being continuously stabbed. Along with the pain I get an endo belly, when I wake up I have a flat stomach, then throughout the day my endo belly appears. Swollen? Bloat? Whatever you want to call it, it is uncomfortable, I detest my body when my endo belly appears, my self confidence drops, my emotions run wild. I try to plod on... I have spoken with some other women who have had it or those who are still going through it, like me. I have been advised to change my diet (i'm wheat free anyway medical reasons). So last night I decided to have a feast with my husband before going on an endometriosis diet plan... my last steak... Now I have given up on alcohol, coffee, red meat and anything cooked in fat, running alongside of being wheat free. To be honest I need this to work until I see the surgeon.

So I have my endometriosis diet ready to start today (check), strong pain killers (check) and my pain relief patches (check).

I have found that a little exercise can help mentally and physically. Tie this to a challenge SKIPPING OUR WAY THROUGH MAY and our new Discount code 2020MAYMADNESS, which is our SHORTS CLEARANCE sale. Trying to focus on other things and needing to get out of May quickly. Which means keeping as busy as I can be.

So it's decided... After completing my skips today I am going to pamper myself, have a nice long bath, file and paint my nails.

remember to give yourself a break. Tomorrow is a new day. Let's reach for the STARS!

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