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Covid and YOU!

So with the ongoing pandemic I wanted to ask you lovely lot... Has Covid changed you?

I mean it has me and my family. It all became very real when we got the NHS letter saying that one of our daughters was and still is high risk. I’m careful where I go. My girls don’t come shopping with me and we still haven’t seen anyone out of our bubble. I’ve learnt that hand sanitiser is our best friend although it finds even the smallest of cuts and makes them feel like you’ve sliced your arm to the bone. We enjoy each others company and tolerate each other a lot more than we used to. Let me explain a little bit more what i mean. It is so easy to get drawn into an argument, especially over something little and trivial. Before you could start an argument or disagreement and walk away to the pub, to work or to the shop. Getting on with your day without resolution or even second thought. Whereas now, we are all stuck with each other, nothing gets blown over as you haven't got the escape like before, but one thing is for sure... Things get sorted out, we remember how to talk to each other and ultimately what we love about the other human(s) in our home.

Now i don't know how this will change us in the future but i feel this is a good thing. Yes sometimes it is good to walk away and think but the other times its brilliant to work things out and do things together, realise you're not on your own and decisions are easier when made together and you are all on the same side.

With the pandemic, yes i do still crave for other human conversations, something different you know even a night out to get hammered would be nice... but I also love the fact that there are no uninvited callers, you can stay in your jammies all day and enjoy proper family time.

Going back... Yes Corona has changed me and my family but for the better. We are now closer than ever. A very special place to be.

So thank you Corona, feel free to go soon though! Lessons have already been learnt!

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