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So 'Skipping our way through MAY' is complete and although I enjoyed it, I'm also glad that it's over. With this though it has spurred me on to do more challenges for AJ Activewear and build on our AJ Stars community.

We will be working on this all this month and we will also be educating ourselves by completing Diplomas in Sport Science Therapy, Nutrition and Personal Training.

Our challenge boxes will have up to date exercises for the challenge and include everything you will need to get started. Unlike other challenges, our challenge boxes will challenge the mind and body. For us to do this we run the challenge for the whole month, no rest days.

For those lucky ladies who complete the challenge with us will receive a FREE GIFT.

So are you looking to challenge yourself both mentally and physically or are you wanting to take your workouts up a level?

Fitness challenges are a great way to give yourself a boost or maybe they’ll be the kick in the ass you are looking for.

We are in this challenge together and together we will complete it! Help and support within our AJ Stars community. Keep in mind that a new month brings in a new challenge!

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