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Boobs, Sweat and Tears!

Boobs! All women have them; Small, Big, Round, Flat, Bouncy... You get the jist. Now to me, I love how they make me feel sexy but I hate the fact that I have to wear an extra high impact sports bra or 2 sports bras while exercising. Now before I go on, let me explain my interpretation of 'exercising'. Anything that involves a run, walk, jog, mad dash across the road, hop, skip and jump.

Boobs are uncomfortable and mine can be extra mean to me due to my nerve injury, in my shoulder (goodbye spaghetti straps!) so yes I wear sports bras a lot (more like live in them) the hardest part is finding clothes to match the sports bra design, but at the end of the day who cares!? At least I'm wearing one!

Sweat! Who said you had to be sweating to prove that you're being active? Erm not me! I'm one of those people who wears activewear most of the time. Not because I exercise 24/7 but because I find it comfortable. There are many people out there that will pass judgement on seeing you shopping in activewear. Well the thing is, yes I'm shopping, yes I'm comfortable in my activewear and you know what yes I'm also being ACTIVE. I hear some say 'No way are you being active while shopping!' Well let me tell you... Chasing 3 kids round the shop, pushing a trolly full of food to feed the 5000, forgetting milk and making a quick dash for it while the kids 'mind the trolly at the checkout'. My heart rate rises, I have to stay on my toes and I've most likely burnt off the chocolate bar I just ate prior to said 'shopping trip'. I mean who wouldn't class that as a workout!?

Tears! Now I don't see myself as an emotional person but I have my moments, stress of everyday life and then add everything life has thrown at me. It sometimes all catches up and bites you well and truely in the ass. I love the saying ' It's okay not to be okay' because you know what at least you aren't hiding your feelings. We all have up and down moments. (Try) focusing on the positives and remember that tomorrow is another day. It is never too late to try something new, believe in yourself and reach for the STARS!

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