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Let's talk BOOBIES!

The average breast size in the UK is a 34D. Approx weight is 500g per breast. Meaning that the average woman carries 1kg of boobie weight.

The breasts move independently, they are not connected to any muscles in the body. They are only supported by 2 weak structures: the skin itself and ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments).

A good sports bra is needed to give support, prevent breast and/or back pain and limit the movement when exercising. No matter the size of your breasts!

Finding the right sports bra that supports you is important!

When the breast moves 60% or more then irreversible damage can occur meaning that the Cooper’s ligaments and skin will not return to their original shape. This can then lead to mastalgia (breast pain) and breast ptosis (breast sag). Hello saggy boobs!

A good, well fitted sports bra is vital during any exercise as it prevents damage to the breast by not allowing the breasts to move as independently as they would without a sports bra.

Research has shown that breasts are the 4th biggest barrier to exercise in women.

When you are looking for a new sports bra it is important to consider what type of exercise you will be doing.

There are different categories of sports bras depending on the level of impact. E.g. Yoga is low impact and running is high impact.

When you try the sports bra on, don’t be afraid to do similar movements to what you would normally do when exercising. Jog on the spot, stretch in front of a mirror to see how much your breasts move.

It is also important to ensure that you have a good range of arm movement, that the sports bra is comfortable and supportive. Adjust the bra straps make sure this is the right sports bra for you.

The life of a sports bra is determined by how much you use it. As a rough guide you should change your sports bra in accordance to how often you change your running trainers.

The more you use your sports bra, the more the under band, material and straps will lose their firmness and support.

The life span of a sports bra can also be determined by how you wash it, so be sure to follow the instructions by the manufacturer.

AJ Activewear recommends The SHEFIT sports bras.

They come in Ultimate (High Impact) and Flex (Medium Impact).

Array of colours, sizes, adjustable straps.

To date these sports bras have never failed us. Hence why we recommend them and will use them time and time again.

To order go to:

Yes they are overseas compared to the UK but are 100% worth their weight in gold!

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