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Boobie mug! SHOUT OUT

Not only are we raising 3 little girls but we want to educate them about their bodies, not matter the shape, size or colour. If you keep up to date with our blogs then you know we are 'tits' mad, along with The Boss Lady being CRAZY!

We found these glass mugs on our Instagram @fandrdesign and just had to purchase one. We ordered via their Etsy store: and once received we was not disappointed!

So what a fun way to approach the conversations surrounding... BOOBS! big ones, small ones, round ones, droopy ones, star nipples, inverted nips and all! Start the talk no matter what age.

When I was young I was embarrassed and not educated about my own body, never mind others. As a child, i'll admit I was insecure about my own body, maybe it wasn't a good thing to talk about at that time, as i know the times have changed and things are more openly spoke about... So it is important for us as a family to show the girls that there is no shame to talk about anything they don't understand or are embarrassed about.

Our girls are already strong and independent, but add in self confidence and education then the sky truely is the limit!

Be open, be honest, let's talk about BOOBS!

The husband has now taken quite nicely to our boob mug. He now uses it daily for his hit of coffee and why not!? Not only does it do the job but looks amazing too!

We recommend you all have a titty mug at home or for the office. Or even if you've been looking for one and not found it... check out @fandrdesign.

PLEASE READ: HENRY'S home of AJ Activewear are not paid for any blog entries, we do this as an act of kindness to promote fellow small businesses.

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