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You will all know by now that within the family business are 3 lovely (most of the time) little girls. They seem to sniff out when The Boss Lady has bath bombs (or other treats) hidden for the special child free time, when they are all at school. So we decided that as we all survived the lock down part 3, working from home, homeschooling and remote learning that it was time to treat them to their own bit of bath luxury.

Hello @ultra.bomb ! We found these lovely people on Instagram and noticed that they did mini bombs (bath bombs), these sounded absolutely perfect for the kids! Now I don't know if you are all aware, but The Boss Lady has issues with quantities and gauging the size of things. Something in her head takes her back to being in a pub and buying Jager bombs (you can never order one or two, especially if they are 3 for a tenner (for example The Boss Lady would then buy 12 Jager bombs!)), it's pretty much the same with anything. So with this in mind we (or should i say she) ordered 15 in a range of different colours.

Oh my goodness, when they arrived they smelt absolutely amazing! The colours were so vibrant (Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Purple), we were even tempted to pinch 1 or 2 ourselves. We stayed strong though and just stored the sachets of bath dust away for the 'grown ups'. It didn't take us very long before we used some of the bath dust. Take our word for it, a little bit of dust goes a long way!

The colour was so bright and the smell was amazing!

Now normally we don't have much time to relax (as we work hard and days can be long, especially when we have custom orders or are designing new products) and tend to forget that we need to take time, within our busy day to have an hour (or even half an hour) to relax and unwind. BUT by being in a bath with the bath dust... The Boss Lady did not want to get out! Eventually when she did, she was wrinkly (not only because if her age (she's going to kill me haha!)), smelt amazing and the added bath dust made her skin feel super soft.

After our Friday road trip to get the girls from school, we surprised them with their own bath bombs. Of cause they couldn't wait to get in the bath either. The bath bombs, as previously thought, were the perfect size for them. Kids love to play with them in the bath water while they fizzle away and our children are no different. They loved the different colours and the bath bombs fizzled away in the perfect amount of time. Leaving the beautiful coloured bath water.

An added bonus, was that, although the colours were bright and vibrant, the bath bombs did not stain the bath in anyway, so no extra cleaning needed!

The whole family love these bath bombs and bath dust (We hope that's what you call it), we highly recommend you check them out! Thank you @ultra.bomb!

*We loved these bath bombs so much that after we gave this shout out we ordered more! Will add to this blog once we've tried the other colours and when we have received and tried the Giant Easter Bath Bombs! We just know we won't be disappointed!


So we ordered 3 of the Giant Easter Egg BOMBS! The sprogs are going to absolutely love them and we promise to post pictures of them fizzling away in the bath once they get them. Saving them as an extra Easter gift, as the Easter Bunny not only gives chocolate eggs but also Giant Bath Bombs! AMAZING!! You can see them in the photo, all wrapped up nicely thanks to @ultra.bomb no extra wrapping for us so win, win!

Along with our second order was the bath dust. Our request was a mix of colours and scents and my gosh!

The colours are so vibrant and the smell is unreal! As you can see The Boss Lady has been busy, recycling an old jar we had within the house to put an assortment of bath dust in, to keep it dry, safe (including a spoon...) and away from the sprogs and husband. Shes even gone to the extreme and labelled the jar up as poison. Oh and that's not all she's also hidden the jar (and extra packs) in the medicine cupboard, which is of cause under lock and key! Again, thank you so much @ultra.bomb. We will be back soon once we are getting low on bath treats! And for all of you reading we will give you an update after the sprogs receive their Giant Egg Bombs! We are excited for them!!

PLEASE READ: HENRY'S home of AJ Activewear are not paid for any blog entries, we do this as an act of kindness to promote fellow small businesses.

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