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AJ Activewear JULY Challenge Box - CORE

You’ve finally done it and bought one of our challenge boxes! Yay! Now what!?

Days to go... Sat impatiently waiting...

A common mistake people make during a fitness challenge is to try and diet along with the workouts. Our challenges are produced to push you physically and mentally. You need to eat a healthy diet in order to complete the challenge.

Eat clean and healthy meals.

Try to eat 5 fruit/vegetables a day, drink at least 7 glasses of water (can be mixed with a zero sugar juice), eat high protein foods, like chicken, fish, eggs, yoghurt. Don’t be scared of carbs! Carbohydrates provide you with energy.

Try to Avoid alcohol, processed foods, and sugar.

Use our healthy diet proportions chart as guidance. It shows what your daily meals should include and also what you should eat within reason or as a treat. Some may find this easy, others a little harder, but with the right guidance and support we can help you get and/or stay healthy!

Work on:

38% Carbohydrates

1% Oils and Spreads

8% Dairy

12% Protein

40% Fruit and Vegetables

One of the most important things to do when preparing for a fitness challenge is to plan ahead, as much as you can! This may sound a little extreme. Just remember this is a short term challenge and you’ll have to make it a priority if you want to stick to it and complete it.

Start planning your workout times. The Boss Lady likes to start her challenge as soon as she’s up in a morning, this then enables her the rest of the day to work, clean, pack, post and any other jobs she may have.

We are here for you throughout the challenge and after! We are doing this too so can relate 100%. For even more support then get a friend to be a part of the challenge too. This is a great way to give yourself extra motivation! We love to see updates on Facebook and Instagram #ajchallengebox

We are in this together and together we will complete the challenge!

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