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A Healthy Treat

So I've been waiting for a hospital appointment for some time now because of Endometriosis. I'm suffering terribly with it and the pain meds tend to make me feel sick and drowsy. Finally i was able to see my surgeon and he took a whole load of weight off of my shoulders. He was sympathetic and understanding. I know we all hope our Drs and Health Specialists are but sometimes we are met with negativity and we are seen as a inconvenience to those that are meant to be helping us.

Not going to lie, with the endo pain my mental health has taken a beating. The painkillers have added to this leaving me in tears for a whole day sometimes. My husband now fully understand what problems I am going through and knows to take a wide birth when i'm in agony or even sympathy when tears are streaming down. Some of you may read this and think well anyone should know and/or do that but keep in mind we are all different and i am the type of woman that is too independent, for example I would run myself into the ground and end up in hospital rather than ask my loved ones for help, don't worry though i am working on this!

I know there is no 'cure' for Endometriosis but ways to limit the pain and suffering. There are 1/2 operations that I will have. The definite is a full hysterectomy and the other a laparoscopy to determine how severe my Endometriosis is. Now let me explain the latter as other as i'm awaiting an appointment to have a hormone stopping injection to put me into the menopause, fingers crossed this works and then I should be completely pain free and go onto the waiting list for a full hysterectomy. Whoop whoop!I can't wait. I've been in pain for too long so to be pain free would be amazing right now!

Do I worry about going through the menopause, no not really... I've coped (just) with the physical and emotional side of being in pain, having surgery, depression/suicidal, cold sweats, withdrawals from prescribed painkillers... So i'm quite happy to take the menopause day by day and to just roll with it.

With all of this in mind it is easy to forget or lose yourself a little while you are trying to cope. Don't feel bad at wanting to do something for yourself. Be selfish sometimes, you deserve it. AND SO... on that note I've decided i needed a bit of a refreshing pamper, for me! Hair cut, coloured, new tattoo booked and nails done.

Does it make me pain and symptom free?..

No it doesn't, but it makes me feel human again and sometimes that's all you need x

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