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We are pleased to announce that we are now ambassadors for FNX FITNESS. What this means is:

We will have an FNX blog which will be updated every Tuesday. To view this blog then please go to 'AJ Stars Blog' and click on 'FNX'. Our first post will be uploaded tomorrow. Looking forward to working alongside them. Our FNX blog will have an open and honest account of the products we are trialing and taking ourselves. We will blog about everything including the good, the bad and the ugly. From the start of AJ Activewear we said that we want to be 100% honest with you all. We are very real and want to show you all that yes we have a fully functional family business but also that nothing comes easy without hard work, late nights, tears, tantrums and with whatever else life decides to throw us too. Throughout all we still have school runs to do, quality family time to have and health problems to sort. We want to relate to you and support you through your own active journey, whatever road you decide to take.

First of all we will be using FNX REBALANCE in Unicorn Punch and FNX RESTART in Blueberry Muffin.

We picked the flavour Unicorn Punch as we was very intrigued on how it would taste and then Blueberry Muffin as come on who doesn't like muffins!? Especially good for us as we love sweet treats!!

The FNX REBALANCE is all the nutrients you need for the day (your full 5 a day) in one shot. We like the fact that we no longer have to worry if we have had enough fruit and veg within the day as we've had it all in the one drink/shot. This can be taken 1 or 2 times a day but we are keeping it simple and using it once a day as we still like eating fruit and veg regardless.

The FNX RESTART is made to give you a nice morning boost. Hoping it to be morning motivation in a supplement, as we work long hours and start the day early to keep on top we feel that it is important to start the day in a positive way. Worth a try just for that!?

If you are already using these products then give us a quick message as we can offer you a great discount if you like and/or follow us on Facebook (@AJActivewearUK) or Instagram (@ajactivewearuk).

FNX also have a number of supplements and merchandise that we are not currently trialing/taking (as to try everything at once would a. be very pricey and b. the results for each products/supplements wouldn't be an honest reflection.).

Use this link to go to their website and have a look:

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