Hello, I'm Stacey the owner of AJ Activewear. Let me tell you about myself, my family and why I created AJ Activewear.

I married my husband Sammy in 2013 and soon after that i became a busy mother of 3 girls and 1 boy. I am ex military having served 7 years with the British Army, within my service I have served in Afghanistan and was awarded the Queens Commendation. My military career ended when I was medically discharged in 2016. Since then I've been busy recovering from past injury and busy being mum, with my wonderful children.


All my children were born very premature (before 30 weeks) and sadly we lost our little boy in 2016 at 2 days old. He is my inspiration that life is too short and that I still had unaccomplished ambition and dreams.

The name AJ Activewear comes from his name Henry Arthur John and he will always be my AJ even though he is now a twinkle star. Henry is a huge part of my activewear business along with his sisters and my husband.

AJ Activewear is my own brand, a small family business producing a range of activewear. At the moment our products are primarily for women, but the sky is the limit, so as the years progress so will we.

I will continuously add my own twists to designs relating them to my family and myself. Some pieces will be 'Limited Edition' so if you are looking for a unique design or style, that very few have, then take a look at my AJ Activewear shop.


Here is a little insight of what we are currently working on and designing for 2020 and 2021!


Let's reach for the STARS!


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